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What Is Bullying And Why Do Children Bully

Anti Bullying Courses for Teachers

Anti Bullying Courses For Teachers Teaching a stressful profession where there is barely enough time to convey the course material needed for students to pass exams and reach the desired academic standard let alone deal with all the classroom politics, which may involve and hide cases of bullying.

Even when cases of bullying are brought to a teachers attention it can be difficult to ascertain and assess what has been going on. Bullies are highly skilled at dodging the issue or turning it back round on the victim, meaning the situation never gets dealt with or resolved and everyone (except the bully) leaves with a sour taste in their mouth: the teacher knows they've accomplished little and the bullied student sees the teacher as inneffectual.

Our "Anti Bullying Courses For Teachers" look at ways teachers can be aware of bullying incidents along with a method/system for investigating these incidents. We also demonstrate the ways to bring poth parties together and how to get a bully to acknowledge responsibility for their actions. These skills are all taught in one day, meaning for a 6 hour investment a teacher/school becomes skilled at addressing bullying within their institution.

We run these course as and when requested (It is normally schools and teacher organizations that organize these events) . If you would like to express an interest in running one of these seminars please use the contact form, which can be accessed by clicking here.