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What Is Bullying And Why Do Children Bully

Anti Bullying Courses for Parents

Anti Bullying Courses For Parents

It should always be remembered that it is not just the victim who suffers from bullying but also the family. There can be nothing worse for a parent than seeing their child suffer emotional and physical distress in a situation that they are unable to control. For a parent, school bullying is one of the worst kinds of torture that can be imagined.

This is one of the reasons why on ALL of our courses parents are involved to some degree. Our job is to empower parents so that they know the right things to say and do (as well as the things not to say and do).

Parents who are educated about bullying can make a real difference in a bulled childs life: if they know what to say, how to offer the correct support and how to confront and manage the school where the bullying is taken place. What we teach parents is both educat ional and practical, so that they have things to do and know why they are doing them.

If there is sufficient demand and interest for these specific type of courses, Krav Maga yashir Boston will be pleased to put them on. To express an interest please click here.