Anti Bullying Boston

What Is Bullying And Why Do Children Bully

Anti Bullying Courses for 8 to 12 Year olds

All courses/classes are suitable for children who maybe at risk or "susceptible" to bullying not just for those who are currently being bullied

injuries from bullying By the age of 8 Children are well aware of the emotional pain that bullying can cause and therefore children can be properly labelled as bullies (In younger children there may not be a sufficient level of empathy developed for them to be able to see their actions as harmful and hurtful) as there are no other reasons or excuses that can be given for their actions.

This age group is one which is starting to move away from childhood and towards adulthood. Belonging to social groups becomes more important and bullying activities, such as exclusion from social groups becomes more hurtful and painful. It is also an age where bullied children become more aware of "why" they are being bullied and tie these reasons to their own identity causing serious crashes in confidence.

Bullying itself may also become more spohisticated and involved, using text messaging and email as a means of spreading ruomors and goossip and gaining access to a target/victim remotely. Places, such as the home are no longer safe havens from bullies, which increases the stress levels placed on the bullied child.

The content of the bully's message will also get more sophisticated due to a level of emotional intelligence that has not yet been developed in younger children. At this age children are very adept at finding out and honing in on weaknesses, which a younger child would not pick up on.

This is also an age group where the effects of bullying on academic achievement start to be seen.

For the 8-12 group we emphasise a lot of skills around "managing the bully": strategies for avoidance and disengagement along with how to prevent the bullies message e.g. "you're fat", "you're ugly" etc becoming internalized.

Our anti-bullying programs and courses are incorporated into our Kids and teenage martial arts programs, which you can access by clicking here. We also run seperate courses and seminars and these will be announced on the website when avalable.