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Krav Maga Yashir Boston operates out of an an 16 000 square foot matted studio, we are the largest Krav Maga Training facility on the East Coast of America, and run a variety of self-defense programs, Free Women's self-defense programs, Fitness Bootcamps and childrens martial arts classes.

There are few, if any, facilities in the Boston area, which can boast such a selection of programs as well as such a professionally equipped training environment.

The Self Defense Programs are run by Gershon Ben Keren who has been running his school in the US for nearly 18 years (4 in the U.S.). As a martial arts and self defense practicioner he has strived to bring the best instructors he could to teach at his center, so that members/practicioners are given the best training experience possible. This is one of the reasons that he was one of the first schools in America to adopt the SEPS Self Protection system and it's anti-bullying program.

The center is open 6 days a week (Monday through to Saturday) and offers Fitness classes and Personal Fitness Assessment and training as well as martial arts and self-defense. The aim of the center is to be a "one stop shop" for everybody's fitness and self-defense needs.

If you would like to contact Gershon Ben Keren or one of the instructors at the center please use the contact form, which can be accessed by clicking here.