Anti Bullying Boston

What Is Bullying And Why Do Children Bully

Anti Bullying Courses for High School students

All courses are suitable for anyone who maybe at risk or "susceptible" to bullying not just for those who are currently being bullied

High School bullying in Boston High School should be the time when children become teenagers who think about girlfriends, boyfriends and what they are going to do with their life. It is also the time when achieving academic recognition is important, especially if the individual wishes to go on to University or College (many bullied children understandably drop out of education at the earliest opportunity, so as to escape the emotional pain of further bullying and so don't always realize their educational potential.

Teenagers are also physically capable of causing their victim greater pain, as they now have near adult strength levels though many times they are unaware of this. Causing real physical harm is a definite possibility.

Often teenagers who are bullied have been bullied as children and so dealing with the bullying experience is in many ways dealing with a lifetime of bullying and victimization. If an individual doesn't come to terms with their experiences whilst in this setting they are unlikely to get opportunities as an adult to resolve the issues that bullying has caused.

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