Anti Bullying Boston

What Is Bullying And Why Do Children Bully

Anti Bullying Courses for 5 to 8 Year olds

All courses are suitable for children who maybe at risk or "susceptible" to bullying not just for those who are currently being bullied

Bullying By Exclusion Starting school for the first time can be a frightening and often daunting prospect for a child, especially if their previous experiences of interacting with children has come from daycare or small kindergarten settings.

The ages 5 to 8 are when children really start to explore how they interact with others and learn how to take, accept or reject the roles that are given to them in groups and games. This is also a time when they get to experiment who they are away from the eyes of adults and parents.

Some children blossom under "playground rules", others feel confused and uncertain, whilst others will abuse the rules and play them for self gain. It is these children who develop bullying habits and behaviors.

Teaching children how to be individuals whilst at the same time not isolating themselves is a very important part of the SEPS anti bullying program. Much of the program involves playing games and giving the child the opportunity to play different 'roles' (such as the leader), which may be denied them if more dominant children are normally involved in their games. By doing this a child learns what it feels like to play this "role" and also what is expected of other children playing different "roles".

We run regular self-defense classes for children, which incorporate the SEPS program, which you can find more details of by clicking here.

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