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Tell someone that you're being bullied

It may seem that telling someone is only going to make things worse for you. Bullies survive because they prevent people telling on them through intimidation and the promise that if you tell someone it will be a lot worse for you. This is their greatest fear: being found out. They are all too aware that society despises bullying behavior and so they try to keep what they do hidden away.

Eventually you will need to tell someone who can do something to stop your bully but first it may be good just to tell a friend or someone you are very comfortable with (if you want to send us an email just so you can get whatís happening of your chest and have an opportunity to explain things in your own words to people who wonít judge you, you can. To email us about your bullying experiences click here ).

Keep a diary/record of your bullying

This is extremely important. Although after an incident of bullying you may want to try and forget all about it, it is worth the time and effort to note what happened down. Bullies are extremely good at telling their side of the story and playing down the seriousness and significance of their actions. They will try and make out as if you are exaggerating what has happened or that youíre seeing a campaign against you where there is none.

For you as a bullied person, telling your story will be highly emotional and it is likely that you will forget things or end up questioning your own recollections of what happened. By keeping a diary it will be very hard for a bully to deny the number of incidents and also the seriousness of them.

When you can ignore/switch off from the bullying

This is easier said than done. Bullies want you to be thinking about them all the time, so that they can keep you in a perpetual state of fear; this is how they ensure that you wonít fight back. They may even try to harass you in a seemingly safe place, such as your home, by texting and emailing you (cyber bullying).

If you can switch your phone off and donít access your email on a continuous basis. Choose to switch your phone on at certain times to check texts and voice messages etc. You will then be in control of when this type of bullying takes place: you are setting the time not the bully. This small level of control will help you manage your emotions when you are subjected to this type of bullying.

Remember your good points

Bullies will try and make you forget that you actually do have good points and that you are worth something. Each week make a list of the things that you have achieved, even if it is made up of items, such as finishing your homework, helping around the house etc. Focus on these things not what the bully is telling you.

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