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A word from Gershon Ben Keren (Head Instructor of Krav Maga Yashir in Boston)

school bullies in Boston Although I've been teaching adults and children self-defense, personal safet and martial arts for over 20 years, and have been involved in school programs in the UK addressing issues of school aggression and violence I never really turned much of my attention towards the issue of school bullying as it seemed that many teachers and schools saw themeselves as having policies in place which addressed these issues. In recent year the number of cases of "Bullycide" (Suicide brought on by bullying) has increased and this has lead us to create and adopt a specific anti-bullying program that we could offer to Boston's children and families as both courses and as a core component of our children's martial arts programs. For more information on Children's Martial Arts Classes in oston, please click here.

As a parent myself, I have seen the serious effects of bullying, some of which are incidents of exclusion etc that many parents and teachers do not consider as bullying and I am concerned and committed to doing something about it in Boston.

School Bullying Program At Krav Maga Yashir (Boston)

We wanted to develop a program that didn’t just offer support and training to children but also involved the parents as well. We thought this was important as many parents of bullied children are confused as to the best way to help their child. The SEPS anti-bullying program offers specific advice to parents and families about how they can best offer support to a bullied child.

bullied in Boston We also wanted something that would help educate children, whether they were being bullied or not, to understand why some children bully and how everyone is affected by bullying, even if they are just a bystander or witness to it. The SEPS program identifies three roles that children adopt in incidents of bullying (bully, bullied and bystander) and educates each role as to the best way to act and behave.

And The main other thing we wanted was something that could have an immediate impact on the lives of those affected by bullying.

5 Step Approach to Dealing With Bullying in Boston

The SEPS anti-bullying program takes a 5 step approach to school bullying:

  • 1. Give education as to why bullying happens
  • 2. Explain the different roles children play in bullying incidents
  • 3. Give back confidence to the bullied child
  • 4. Give coping strategies to deal with the “trauma” of bullying
  • 5. Give practical advice to children and parents about how to deal with bullying
  • Gershon Ben Keren (Martial Arts Boston) We are now proud to offer this program alongside our traditional children’s and adults martial arts program. For details about our school bullying courses in Boston, please click here.

    Alternatively, you can email us using our contact form, which can be accessed by clicking here or call us on (339) 224-8005.

    Gershon Ben Keren

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